Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hey all,

SNAIL MAIL totally rules and here are reasons why:


Happy card writing!

Friday, 9 May 2014

MOMMA MIA! Mother's day is in just 2, count 'em 2 days!  With a late Easter this year, it seems that Mother's Day has snuck up on most of us:).  Including me, and it's one of the busiest times of the year at Flaunt HQ.

Here are some LAST MINUTE GIFT ideas for the mothers in your lives.

SHOES - FLUEVOG has been on my mind, not just because they are a super trendy and an iconic Vancouver brand, but because they do amazing things for the community.  Like helping underprivileged kids get the music lessons they desire.  WIN - WIN!  Look at these spring dandies!

Expectations/Motive at

EASY PEASY CRAFTY - This eye pillow, filled with lavender and flax seed, is a Mother's Day gift that actually takes something away: Stress!  Add a cocktail and it truly is a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Get the instructions here.

FLOWERS OF COURSE - A shout out to my friend Ali at Oasis Flowers.  Stunning, stunning, stunning petals.  Yes, Please!  Order for your ma! 604-730-7992

Oasis Flowers

CHARITY GIFT - Honour Your Mother, By Helping Another - Give a gift made by female artisans and support a family in need.

Support World Vision Women here.

CARDS - yep, we got 'em!  Locally, Lou Lou on Broadway or Meinhardts on Granville are good bets because they have just restocked a whole host of our Mother's Day Designs.

Tea Time for the Best. Mom. Ever.
Mama Roo and Penguin

As the Mother's Days begin to pile up behind me, there is nothing I want to do other than to play with my family on a *sunny* day and celebrate how grateful I am to me a mom to two healthy, happy kids.  That being said, a new pair of shoes would be fantastic! Or a margarita.

Dave, Me and our little monsters

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas is H.E.C.T.I.C. and when you have reached the point of baking overload, it's time to:

a. Pull out some frozen bake exchange cookies from Christmas past,
b. Open a box of chocolates that you got roped into buying for a school fundraiser, or
c. Avoid any sort of baked / uber sugary good and opt for fruit!

These little Santa Strawberry Buddies seem easy to make and half-way healthy!  Directions here.

Even Simpler and a bit Grinchier:

And for the Pièce de résistance: A Christmas fruit tree of course!  Instructions here.

No one does entertaining like Martha and after 20 years of her magazine, she has put together a list of her best holiday cocktails.  2 please... or 3.

It's Upcycling and the perfect hostess gift! Vintage teacups made into candles.  Directions here.

FOR HIM/HER:  Christmas just isn't Christmas in my family anyway, unless the Griswolds are a part of it.  You too can gift those fabulous moose mugs that Cousin Eddie and his dickie use as a nog sipper.   Available online here.  (I was so excited, I actually just ordered some... I'm such an 80's nerd!)

For a healthy, great gift ideas, David's Tea is top of my list this year!  Look at these super cute Christmas Crackers filled with tea.  Clever!

Or better yet, all you crafters out there can pull these off and the crackee (is that a word?) can actually get a personanlized treat!  check out The Glitter Guide.

Run off those Christmas Cookies!  Here is a perfect gift for the sporty spice in your family! The Nike+ Fuel Band SE.  You can set goals and track your workouts with all the motivation you need on your wrist.  

FOR THE KIDDOS: Fitness & Fun available at Chapters.

Both of my girls have asked for one of these Nerf Rebelles at Toys R Us.  (all I can say is: poor dog!)

This Razor Crazy Cart is pricey but looks super FUN and is highly reviewed. at Toys R Us.

We have lots of great designs this year that, lucky for us, have been flying off the shelves!  Available online at:

Is it time to curl up on the couch with a Hot Toddy and watch Love Actually yet?  I think yes!

Happiest of holidays to all~

Monday, 21 October 2013


Gotta love a good "trashy" vintage Halloween card!

What's not to love about Halloween?  It's really just a big party with lots of fake blood, pumpkin guts and sugar.  Bring it!

I tend to go a little over the top with decorations, voila my mantel:

Love this vintage inspired Halloween garland from FernEllaDesigns on Esty:

STEP AWAY BORING ORANGE PUMPKIN!  Look at these chic squashes (squashi?). You can make them too, check out the Glitter Guide.

If your are feeling crafty and/or want some great on-the-cheap recycled Halloween decorations, try these votives!  Super fun for kids.  We made these on a playdate last year.  For materials and directions, check out skiptomylou.

These little OREO-ish darlings made by Butter on Dunbar in Vancouver are perfect for Halloween parties.  Just add orange or green food colouring to the icing to ghoul it up a bit.  Thanks to the Vancouver Sun, you can make these layers of deliciousness yourself with this recipe.

For the adult Halloween party, there are some awesome red wines all done up for Halloween:
Evil, The Velvet Devil, Moon Curser, Killer Cab.

And for a perfect November 1st sugar (and wine) detox, try Kimberly Snyder's GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE.  They're awesome!

We have tons of scary Halloween cards for sale in our online BOO-TIQUE!  10% off all cards until October 31st at FLAUNT SHOP!

Have a great time Trick-or-treating!

Will leave you with a Halloween flashback!
Me and my big bro Steve clownin' around circa 1980.

Monday, 27 May 2013


Hey there, I know I have been on hiatus with blogging!  We have been busy designing new cards and I was away in Marrakech and Barcelona for a while.  Tough life I lead!

Here's Dave and I at an event in Barcelona:

And riding camels in Morocco.  I have always wanted to ride a camel in the African dessert (definite bucket-list item), but the dessert was a 10 hour drive from where we were staying.  So I figured, until next time at least I am on a camel in Africa.  It doesn't matter that it was a road side tourist trap, does it?

Now, enough about me, let's talk DADS!

FOR THE CAR-LOVING DAD:  I found these the other day and if I get off my arse and get organized, this would be an amazing present for Dave.  I always think that I should be doing something to preserve my kids artwork at the various ages.  This is a stellar way to do so:

You can submit your  Your Child's Artwork and Metalmorphis will shrink it down and transfer it to a Fine Silver Keychain.....Made to Order.  Sweet!

FOR THE OFFICE DAD:  Here is a great usable, recyclable, inexpensive and personal idea from the master, Martha Stewart.  Personalize a cube of sticky notes and tie it with a pen and ribbon.  MS says to rubber band the cube while the kids draw on it so that the papers don't lift up.  Any office supply store would have these cubes on hand.

FOR THE GRILLIN' DAD:  Perfect for your "man of steel" and kind of hilarious!  Available online at Paper Source.

FOR THE ATHLETIC DAD:  Also available from Paper Source is this super awesome dining table ping pong set.  I already ordered one up for Dave (only really because I want it myself!).  I love that it comes with 70's wrist bands!

FOR THE SWEET-TOOTHED DAD:  Celebrate Father's Day with these edible treats!  Amazing!  Recipe and directions here.

FOR EVERY DAD:  I'll admit that handmade cards from the kiddies are the best, but for the grown-ups, send a Flaunt card to your Daddio.  We have lots, here are my faves.

Dad, You're King!  $5.95
Happy Father's Day Fishing Buddies  $5.95

Now, lets talk GRADS!

It's time to celebrate those dedicated nerds in our lives.  I was once one, but sadly didn't attend my commencement.  Instead I opted for a 7 month backpacking trip.  Oops, don't think my parents have ever forgiven me for that one:)

Other than cashola, grads can be very easy to find gifts for.  Just treat it like a birthday or opt for something more momentous like these dandy ideas!

A Little Dr. Suess is always a good call.  Regardless of age, this one is a keeper and should be in every household library.  Available everywhere or a Chapters.

For that graduation party - these are simple and awesome.  Lil' Luna provides all the how to's right here.

For the Lady Grad, I love this bracelet from Etsy.

This would be a cheeky gift for a close friend or family member.  Very clever are those Shirt Dudes!

And voila, the perfect grad card:
Happy Graduation Smarty Pants!  $5.95